Entertainment Rants
Entertainment Rants

Step into the mesmerizing world of Marvel’s “Echo” with The Ranters in their latest podcast episode. Join the crew as they explore the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe now streaming on Disney+. In this episode, The Ranters delve into the compelling story of Maya Lopez, a deaf superhero with photographic reflexes, and discuss how the show expands the Marvel narrative. From the action-packed sequences to the rich character development, the team shares their insights on what sets “Echo” apart in the superhero genre. Tune in for a lively discussion on the performances, Easter eggs, and the impact of this series on the larger Marvel universe. Whether you’re a die-hard Marvel fan or a newcomer to the superhero scene, this episode offers a deep dive into the world of “Echo” that is both entertaining and informative. Don’t miss out as The Ranters share their thoughts on the latest Marvel installment that’s capturing audiences’ attention on Disney+.

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